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All fees quoted are professional fees ,exclude disbursements such as UKBA fees, courier fees & Medical & Country Experts Reports.

Advice with Senior Case worker (1hr) £80/hr
Advice with Level 2 Case worker (1hr) £50/hr
Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 9-30am - 6pm


Appointments can be made by telephoning our office or by email for face to face advice. If requested, one relevant email follows up an/or phone call from the consultant can be provided to wrap the consultation.


Our consultations are conducted by our team of experienced immigration practitioners, each specialising in different areas of UK immigration law, who can offer you advice specific to your situation. This service will benefit clients who require advice regarding their legal status, changes in immigration regulations which impact them, or explore different options of staying, working or conduction business in the UK.

Tier 1 Applications

Tier 1 - (General) - Highly Skilled Migrant

1) Fully Represented Application from abroad includes:
A) Full analysis of strength & weaknesses
B) Proposals for remedying any weaknesses
C) Prompt updates when there is a case development
D) Chasing the Authorities if the processing time becomes unusually long
E) Includes phone support from your advisor if/when reasonably required.
Does not include daily updates or unlimited contact.
2)Fully Represented application in the UK £600.00
3)Fully Represented extension application in the UK £500.00
4)HSMP Dependent visa £110.00
5)Urgent treatment/pre approval change of circumstances request £150.00
6)PBS Migrant change of circumstances form (post approval) £125.00

Tier 1 - Post study work

A) Application in the UK £700.00
B) Dependent visa (spouse) £350.00
C) PBS Migrant change of circumstances form £125.00

Tier 1 - Entrepreneur

A) Application in the UK £2000.00
B) Application abroad £2500.00
C) Extension application £1700.00
D) Surcharge for each dependent (where the application is made at the same time as the principal's application) £75.00 each
E) PBS Migrant change of circumstances form £125.00

Tier 1 - Investor: £1m 'passive' investment

A) Application in the UK £3000.00
B) Application abroad £4000.00
C) Extension application £1750.00
D) PBS Migrant change of circumstances form £125.00

Tier 2 Applications

Tier 2 - Skilled Migration

1) Sponsor License: Pre-application audit & report
A) For a company that is entirely UK based £1200.00
B) For a company with international operations, or affiliates, requiring Tier 2 'Intra Group Transfer' accreditation as well as Tier 2 (General) £1900.00
2) Sponsor License: Assistance with online application and follow up letter supporting Documents
For a company that is entirely UK based £750.00
3) Certificate of Sponsorship:
A) Tier 2 (general) £400.00
B) Tier 2 (Intra group transfer) £350.00
C) Surcharge where a new client contract is involved £75.00
4) Sponsored employee change of details £75.00
5) Sponsored employee change of employment details £150.00
6) Tier 2 visa application (in country):
A) Standard application £450.00
B) Premium postal application for A rated sponsors for staff with travel within 6 weeks £600.00

Postal application for a Bulgarian / Romanian worker

A) Normal application for an established employer £600.00
B) Surcharge for an employer not yet known to the home office £700.00
C) Surcharge where a new client contract is involved £75.00

Tier 4 Applications

Tier 4 - Student visa

Application and entry clearance from abroad in UK application £500.00
A) Standard (postal) application £500.00
B) Surcharge for a 'same day' PEO application £250.00

Tier 5 Applications

Tier 5 - Youth Mobility Scheme

Initial application for Tier 5 visa & entry clearance £650.00

Indefinite Leave to Remain

1) Application further to 5 years in the UK under skilled/highly skilled categories:

A) Postal application £750.00
B) Surcharge per dependent (spouse/child under 18) £100.00
C) Remain as a dependent: Spouse £300.00
2) Application further to 10 years lawfully in the UK £700.00
3) Application further to 14 years in the UK in any status £1000.00
4) Application under Domestic violence £900.00
5) Applications under Outside the Immigration rules £800.00


1) Main applicant £600.00
2) Application for Registration of a Child as British Citizen £300.00
3) UK Naturalization for Second Family Member (over 18) £400.00

Fiancée visa

1) Entry Clearance for Fiancée £800.00
2) Postal FLR (M) application further to a Fiancée visa. By G&Co. £500.00

Marriage visa

Certificate of Approval £650.00

ECAA visa

Visa to run a business in the UK under the European Community Accession Agreements
Initial application where the individual has a suitable business & business plan in place £1000.00

Sole representative

1) Application overseas for entry clearance & Sole representative visa £2000.00
2) Extension application £1750.00
3) Surcharge per dependent where their application is made at the same time as the principle application £75.00

Visitor Visa

1) Standard Visit visa for business meetings or holiday £700.00
2) Visit visas for specialist categories:
A) Film crew on location £900.00
B) Entertainers/sports people coming for a specific event £1500.00
C) Overseas Doctors coming to take the PLAB test £800.00
D) Clinical attachment and dental observer posts £800.00

EU Resident

1) EEA Residence Permit £700.00
2) EEA Registration Certificate £300.00


Asylum – Stage 1

A) Screening interview preparation
B) Post Screening (advice)
C) SEF interview preparation (post SEF advice)
A) Correspondence to UKBA
B) Representations (to the Case Owner within 5 days )
C) Fresh Application
A) Spouse Dependent £200.00
Child (free)
Complex app. Additional (£100 )
Points based systems for sponsors Advice on rules, requirements & eligibility assessment £300.00
Pre-registration compliance audit at employer’s premises £450.00 – up to half a day
£800.00 – up to a full day

AIT Appeals

Stage 1

Initial appraisal (review H.O. refusal letter) £50.00 – up to 1hr
Initial appraisal (review H.O. refusal letter) £50.00

Stage 2

Lodging appeal including grounds of appeal £300.00

Stage 3

A) Appeal Preparation
B) CMR hearing (in house caseworker)
C) Clint pay invoice Amt if chamber’s Counsel
D) Case conference Senior caseworker x 3 one hour appointment
E) Bundle preparation
F) Witness statement
G) Final Hearing (London)
Hearing (Travel out of London) to be paid by client
Guidance on presenting your own appeal and the hearing process
Court Hearing £300.00 (paper hearing)
Re-consideration in case of refusal – preparation of grounds of appeal One off - Lodging £200.00 (existing clients)
The above fees are quoted based on the type of advice, complexity and/or urgency of the case, and the average time required to fulfil client instructions. Please note that we reserve the right to inform you in writing when further payment will be required in situations where extensive communication is requested.
All fees listed exclude,
  • UK Border Agency application fees
  • Medical referrals  G.P.  Counsellors and Medical Foundation Report (pay invoice amount from the Specialist)
  • Country expert referrals and Reports
  • International/ UK urgent courier services
  • Translation fees and Interpreter’s fees
  • Consular fees which may be payable
  • Additional Witness statement  friends and family (basic hourly rate apply ) 

If you require assistance beyond the scope of our services, please let us know. If your request falls outside of our remit, we will refer you to somebody who will be in a position to assist you.


Eligibility assessments are an ideal way to confirm your eligibility for a particular application, and provide a cost effective way of filing your own application with guidance from an immigration consultant.

  • Our assessment fees include the following services:
  • Taking instructions and gathering relevant information from the client
  • Advising client on relevant legal requirements and qualifying criteria
  • Guidance on type of supporting documentation required 
  • Vetting of supporting documents to be submitted for the application 
  • Written assessment to client 

Following the written assessment :  Should you wish to submit an application after completing an assessment with us, you only need to pay the balance of the fees for making the Application,  if you have already paid for an assessment.

Written Representations and Applications to UKBA 

Delegating your application to an experienced immigration consultant ensures peace of mind, and the confidence in knowing your immigration matters are being taken care of promptly.

Our fee for each application can include the following services:

  • Taking instructions and gathering relevant information from the client
  • Client care letter outlining work to be undertaken and agreed fee
  • Additional advice  letters to client  or progress letters to UKBA (copies will be sent to client
  • Guidance on type & quality of supporting documentation required
  • Vetting of supporting documents to be submitted for the application
  • Assisting client in gathering further evidence or making further legal   representation, where necessary completion of the relevant application forms
  • Where applicable, submission of application to the UK Border Agency or Consular Office

We offer a highly flexible service tailored to our clients’ individual needs. 

For applications, at least 50% of our full fee must be paid prior to commencement of our services. The fees quoted include 3rd party expenses incurred in providing services requested by the client eg Royal Mail postage, payment transaction fees incurred by us, phone calls, some travel to meet clients within central London (if required). Anticipated additional expenses, where required, will be communicated to the client before commencement of our service

Please see UK Border Agency website for up to date information. The information reflected above is correct at time of publication only.

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